What Orthopedic Surgeons Say About Pilates

"I generally recommend that patients do at least one month of pre-hab prior to orthopedic surgery. Good pre-hab, in my opinion, should address neuromuscular education, biomechanical training and total body alignment and conditioning of both sides of the body. Good prehab should yield optimal postoperative recovery and outcomes."

Pilates Advocate Dr. Phillip Baker, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pioneer in Joint Replacement and founder of Kansas Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

What Radiologists Say

"I believe that the effects of degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis of the spine can be modified and the progression perhaps slowed by Pilates exercises. Certainly low back pain can be relieved and prevented. Becoming aware of neutral spine alignment and strengthening the deep muscles that support that good posture is key. Eliminating postural abnormalities and incorrect movement habits that put undue stress on the discs and joints can occur with Pilates training. I often notice individuals that are stooped, have their head bent forward or who walk with their feet and knees out of alignment. Pilates could be of great benefit for them."

John Gay, M.D., retired radiologist

"Recently I was able to resume my Pilates training within 2 days after surgery for a fractured wrist. This illustrates the flexibility of the Pilates method and its ability to be adapted to almost any disability or special need that the client has."

John Gay, M.D., retired radiologist

What Medical Professionals Say About Pilates

"Because of its unique, gentle stretching and improvement in range of motion, I think Pilates is extremely well suited to patients with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes. I have seen benefits in my own patients who have tried it."

Jennifer Clair, MD
St. Francis Family Medicine

Pilates for Pain Management

"Pilates has really helped me gain strength and muscle tone without the bulk. It seems to increase my overall stamina and energy level. I have a chronic illness and have found Pilates puts little stress on my joints and helps combat fatigue. It's great!"

Sarah L.

"I am a 62 year old female contractor and grandmother.

"I started Pilates to be able to enjoy life without having to take 24 Advil per day. Before starting Pilates, I had back and leg pain due to an injury six months prior, and back surgery ten years prior. I visited several orthopedic doctors as well as a neurologist who all concluded that they couldn't do anything for me. One of the physicians did suggest five different types of things I might try for relief from pain. One of the suggestions was Pilates.

more » "I knew a friend who had been telling me about her experiences with Pilates, so I thought it wouldn't hurt me to give Pilates with Desima a try. I feel GREAT and very seldom have an ache or pain. The progress that I made in the program was such that I stopped taking any Advil after two months. I can now pick up my grandbaby with no problem. I continue going to Pilates Performance & Rehab as a preventive measure so I am able to play with my granddaughter and do normal activities like working in the yard, walking, and traveling for long distances. I recommend Pilates to everyone that has pain or just wants to continue enjoying life as they always have. My husband did not hesitate to find out about the program because he saw my results."

J. E.

"Why I started- I had osteopenia and couldn't figure our how to get weight bearing exercise in a section of my spine that went "sideways" due to the scoliosis in my spine!

"I was in good shape when I started, but had over developed some muscles and underdeveloped others. I was getting daily cardio and did weight training on my own. I had pain every morning when I got out of bed, and pain when I got home from work. I had pain that I wasn't even aware of anymore because I just "zoned it out."

"I was skeptical about how much this would actually help my problem. I have been in the program for going on two years. I feel great now! No pain ever and if I have some, Desima addresses it right away and it disappears!

more » "I have improved my posture, my clothes fit better, my husband notices a big improvement, my abdominals are stronger. My last bone density test actually showed slight improvement! I can get up in the AM and do not have to take three Advil. I am not in pain when I get home form work. I am more flexible and confident.

"I continue to do Pilates because I don't want to be an old lady that can't get around on her own! Because it makes me feel good. Because I believe it is making me stronger, improving my posture and my balance.

"My favorite thing about Pilates is that it is fun and I get to play with toys!

"I have recommended Pilates to everybody who complains to me about pain: friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers, patients.

It has changed my life for the better and I recommend it to absolutely anyone who has pain==any any, any size, any level of fitness."


"During January, 2006, I started having problems with my neck when turning my head. I couldn't turn it very far without pain, and backing the car out of the garage and driveway was very awkward as I had to turn my body halfway around in the seat to see where I was headed. I lived with it all of 2006 hoping the pain and stiffness would go away, but it just got worse. On January 3 & 4, 2007, I went to a Chiropractor. He was so powerful and aggressive that he fractured the L-3 of my back. He didn't x-ray my back and neck before he started treatments. I called my primary care physician when I got home and he ordered an x-ray and bone scan which revealed that the L-3 of my back had indeed been fractured.

more » "I had a Vertebroplasty procedure done at St. Francis Hospital by Radiologist to cement the fracture. I told the Radiologist at the hospital I didn't know how I was going to lay flat on my stomach with my head turned because my neck hurt so bad and pleaded with him to do something for my neck, too. He said when we knock you out, you won't feel your neck. My doctor had prescribed Physical Therapy for my neck in January, but I wasn't strong enough to continue because of my back and the weather turned very cold and icy during the month of January, 2007, and I was too weak after the back injury and Vertebroplasty procedure to drive there three times a week. My daughter encouraged me to go to Desima at Pilates Performance & Rehab to strengthen my back and do something for my neck, as it was killing me.

"In May, after Bible Study Fellowship had ended for the summer, my daughter made an appointment for me at Pilates Performance & Rehab with Tamara to be evaluated. At that time, I could no longer life my head to turn over in bed; I had to life my head with my hands to turn over, and I really thought there was no hope for me. I went willingly, though, thinking this was the last resort to do anything for my beck. In six months, I could turn my head without pain and lift my head off the pillow without pain to turn over in bed at night. I have been going to Pilates Performance & Rehab every week with private sessions with Desima since May, 2007. I doubt I will ever quit. She tells me it is a way to defy the aging process, and that is pretty important at my age. I feel like my daughter, Kathy, and my personal trainer, Desima, has saved my life by giving me quality life for the rest of my days here on earth. I can't thank you both enough—Praise God!"


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