• Apparel
  • The Stick Great for Runners & Athletes IT Band Relief
  • Flex Stick-Long Ease of Reach & for Muscular Builds
  • Stretch Out Strap, Green/Black Stretch and Flex
  • Theraband Stretch and Tone
  • Foam Roller Balance, Stretching & Core, Myo Release
  • Ultra-Fit Circle Fitness & Core
  • Biofreeze Arthritis & Pain Management
  • ToeSox Happy Feet
  • Great Soles Socks Athletic socks with non-slip grips
  • Slant 1/2 Calf relief
  • Blue Wedge Foot/Wrist Support
  • Cervical Roll with Book Neck & Back Support
  • Arch (Blue kneeler) Inner Thigh/ Core/ Knee support
  • Foot Log with Book Feet Therapy & Pain Relief
  • Myo Tools Plantar Fasciitis

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    Danielle Dougherty
    Sr. Area Manager / Balanced Body Inc.
    5909 88th Street, Sacramento CA 95828 USA

    Order direct at and mention PIL0225 or call Danielle directly at 1-916-386-6237 to order. Discount and special offer code will not work at the Balanced Body website.

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