Why Pilates

So Powerful, So Safe, So Versatile

Pilates is an innovative system of mind/body fitness developed from the principles of Joseph Pilates.

So powerful, professional athletes and dancers use it to increase strength and flexibility.

So safe, physicians and physical therapists recommend it for rehabilitation.

So versatile, it accommodates a wide range of ages and fitness levels.

In this "hands on" movement based program, clients learn a wide repertoire of Pilates mat and apparatus conditioning exercises and techniques designed to condition the body and improve functional fitness skills.

Why Pilates

  • Increases strength without bulk.
  • Develops optimal core control.
  • Increases flexibility and agility.
  • Improves the mind-body connection.
  • Improves posture and balance.
  • Increases bone density.
  • Decreases stress.
  • Increases muscle tone and endurance.
  • Approved for rehabilitation.
  • Improves athletic and dance performance.
  • Defies aging!

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